• What is the ER Immerse Program?

    For veterinarians new to emergency medicine, ER Immerse provides training and mentorship to get you on the right path for a successful and exciting ER career. For experienced ER veterinarians, ER Immerse, through our ABVP program, provides the opportunity to gain advanced skills and recognized advanced qualifications in emergency medicine.

  • What is the length of the program?
    • Entry Level: Most programs are between 6 and 12 months, but this varies by hospital.
    • Advanced Career Development: Two to Three years (prerequisite of 2-3 years of experience practicing ER medicine before applying).
  • Where are the programs offered?

    Program offerings vary by hospital. Please follow the link to our hospital map and filter by program type to view participating hospitals.


  • Is there a required start date, or are there options to begin off-cycle?

    There are rolling or variable admission dates, depending on the home hospital. To learn more, please fill out our contact form, and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.


  • Will I have a position available following the program?

    Yes! Offers and contracts for training and employment following the training period are negotiated by the team at the training/employing hospital.

  • Is there a commitment post-mentorship?

    Commitments vary based on the program:

    • For the entry-level training each hospital determines the commitment length. The longest requirement would be a 2-year commitment following training.
    • There is no time commitment for the advanced career development training. However, there is a prerequisite of a 2-3 year independent commitment from a seasoned veterinarian.
  • What structure and support is offered during the program?

    Each program is set up slightly differently in support of different learning styles:

    • For the entry-level training programs, you will be fully immersed in an ER setting with support and mentorship from experienced ER DVMs or Emergency & Critical specialists.
    • In the advanced career development training, while you will not be paired with another mentee, there will be resources and support through a community platform. Much of this track is self-directed with guidance as you need.
    • All mentees will have access to tools and resources such as VetBloom, medical journals, Community Team well-being resources, peer-to-peer collaboration via Microsoft Teams, grand rounds, and more.
    • Training tools and community connections for mentors across the Ethos network are offered to provide mentors training and support specifically to support our ER mentorship program.
  • What is the schedule during the program?
    • Entry Level Training: Full-time schedule, variable by specific hospital.
    • Advanced Career Development Training: Self-directed and flexible while working a normal ER position.
  • Am I able to rotate with specialists throughout the program?
    • Entry-level Training: There may be the option to rotate with specialists, depending on what is available at each location.
    • Advanced Career Development: In-house and remote specialist access is available (hospital dependent).
  • What is the compensation and benefits package during the program?

    Competitive salary and benefits during training and following, negotiated for each location.

  • What experience do I need to enter the program?

    No experience is needed for the entry-level training programs. The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) does require 3 years of working experience, post-graduation, to start the advanced career development program.

  • What does the application process look like? Is there a deadline?

    We are ready to chat any time!

    The entry-level training application process is open-ended and flexible to accommodate your preferred interview timing. However, a few hospitals may have January and June cohorts, with the application process starting in late September.

    Complete this form to get started!

  • How many mentees are typically in each track?

    Each location can host one to six mentees at a time. We currently offer the program at more than 40 hospitals throughout our network. Follow the link to our hospital map and filter by program type to view participating hospitals by track.