• A Veterinary ER Shift: All the Animals Who Need Us

    February 25, 2021

    Are you ever curious what goes on behind closed doors at our veterinary hospitals? My name is Nan, and I’m here to share my day with you so you can get a peek behind the scenes!

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  • The Veterinary Forensic Process

    February 23, 2021

    In veterinary medicine, cases of animal neglect, cruelty, or abandonment can be an unfortunate part of our careers. However, it is inevitable that these cases will cross our paths. Forensic investigation of animal cruelty cases involves collecting evidence for law enforcement. These cases are part medical and part legal. The veterinary medical forensic investigation is

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  • Ethos Exchange: Should Veterinary Hospitals Care About Social Responsibility?

    February 8, 2021

    Whether you’re a local animal clinic or a national organization of veterinary hospitals, as profit-driven businesses we do have the responsibility to decide and act on which causes we believe in, and what we’ll do about them. Right?

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  • Orange Cat on Scratching Post with Cat Toy

    Scratching Behavior in Cats

    January 15, 2021

    A cat can learn that furniture and humans are not acceptable scratching posts and you can peacefully co-exist with your sweet cat, with just a little patience, some training, and some good alternative scratching surfaces. 

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  • Ventilators and the Care Veterinary Patients Require

    January 13, 2021

    Have you ever considered what level of care is required for a veterinary patient that needs a ventilator?

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  • Ethos Exchange: Innovating Your Veterinary Hospital With Your Community

    January 5, 2021

    While veterinary medicine may be an animal business, there’s always a human being at the other end of the leash. Have you ever considered what pet owners can bring back to your practice?

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  • Spotted mixed breed dog smiling at the camera sitting on a sofa

    Working From Home With Pets

    January 4, 2021

    Working from home has been a change for many people. If you need any help working from home while also keeping your pet occupied, look no further!

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  • Triage Process is the Same – Emergency Patients have Increased

    December 23, 2020

    Our triage procedures have not changed. Every emergency patient is evaluated by a member of our team and seen based on the severity of the issue. Patients with critical life-threatening illnesses and injuries always take priority.

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  • Ethos Vet Life: Caring for our Veterinary Caregivers

    December 21, 2020

    At Ethos, we care about our people as much as the pets we care for. The veterinary industry comes with its fair share of mental health challenges on top of everyday stresses about finances, health, relationships…the list goes on! It’s Ethos’ responsibility to set our employees up for success and live healthy lives at work

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  • Are Ferrets Illegal in the US?

    December 16, 2020

    What are small, furry, and known to be one of the most controversial pets across the country? You guessed it, ferrets!

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  • Atlantic Street Hospital Update 12/2020

    December 11, 2020

    ………………………………………………………………………. UPDATE: Sunday 11:35AM Due to a COVID-related staffing shortage, Atlantic Street will be closed until Wednesday, December 16 at 5 AM. At this time, we recommend you contact VCA Loomis Basin, Marqueen Pet Emergency or Vista Veterinary Specialists. Please know that the Atlantic Street team will continue to follow extremely cautious disinfection protocols, social

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  • Ethos Holiday Pet Gift Guide 2020

    December 9, 2020

    It's that time of year again! Though this year may have looked a lot different than others, there is something that we can still get excited about as the holidays draw near...pet gifts!

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