Passion for Fostering

My pets include: a 19 year old, blind, rescued, ball python, named “Nakie”; two 18 year old rescued, cat sisters (domestic long hairs) “Cosmo” and “Glamour”; a 10 year old, rescued, tri-pod cat (domestic short hair) “Dexter” who has some obsessive-compulsive behaviors; and a 6 year old, French Bulldog named “Ella”. All of these pets made the 3.5 day drive with me from CA to WI! At the end of 2018 I began fostering and volunteering for a southern California bulldog rescue called Road Dogs & Rescue; I am their foster coordinator and hope to continue my involvement with them even though I’m no longer living in CA; they take in a lot of special needs bulldogs. In 2019 my rescue involvement brought me to China where I volunteered with a rescue that saves dogs and cats from the meat trade. My hobbies include cross stitching and baking.