Surgery Techniques

I am interested in new techniques in surgery and have recently performed a dermal tissue filler technique for entropion (eyelid rolling in and rubbing on cornea, very painful) and TCEC (transconjunctival thermal electrocautery) for distichia, plus new techniques in cataract surgery. The ophtho service works as a team, with each person playing a critical role to make each patient's and client's experience informative and compassionate. My own pets include a rescue Shepherd/lab mix from Puerto Rico, and three cats. One cat was an "accidental" adoption from the Internal Medicine Department. Beignet had hepatic lipidosis and a feeding tube and could not return to his elderly owner for care. I could not resist a sweet orange kitty with 26 toes (18 is the norm)! The other cats are orange (normal number of toes) and my black "Velcro" kitty.