Kitty Love!

I especially enjoy working with feline patients - I think that their care sometimes requires some extra thought and special handling, but I absolutely adore them! I am the first person to squeal whenever there is a particularly adorable cat in the hospital. My first cat, Bean, is the first cat I ever did surgery on (during my junior surgery rotation during my 3rd year) - I felt the least I could do would be to give her a home, after she risked her life so I could learn! My second cat, Bagheera, was a tiny kitten with a ruptured eyeball that was brought in by a good samaritan. My coworkers were going to euthanize her because they thought she was too sick and too small for the shelter to take her. I was a broke intern at the time, but I volunteered to perform her surgery and take her home anyway. I'm a sucker, I know.